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A home for businesses
to thrive

Our mission is to take your creation to the next level

Ecommerce brands

Buy directly
from founders

High quality products

What we
look for

+$500k in annual revenues

Honest people 

deal terms

Our Story

We are long time friends building something that is meaningful to us. We bring experience, dedication and above all respect for the people we partner with.

Our Mission

We are building a corporate home for technology enabled businesses. We partner with successful entrepreneurs and work hard to realize the full potential of what they have created. 

Our Value Add

We provide resources -capital, people and technology- to help businesses flourish. We take the long term view in everything we do. 

Our Process

What we look for

Ecommerce brands with annual revenues of +$500k and a record of profitable growth that is driven by strong product quality. We buy from brand founders only and we are specially interested in brands that were built with great care.

What we offer

We provide a quick indication of interest and move fast to complete due diligence and close the deal. We normally buy 100% of the assets. You will always know where you stand with us, we try to be fair and open in our communications. 

Our Process
Long term focus + short term results

Our brands have achieved accelerated growth following acquisition


Founding Team

We met in business school 20 years ago. We share common values and a passion for investing and entrepreneurship. 

Bartolome Minetti

Strategy Advisor

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Tel: 703-919-4276

Arlington, VA

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